Robert R, Wow!!! Thank you!! You are an Amazing leader, worker, Creator, boss, Landscape artist, Disciple + SERVANT! - your work in Compton was/is unbelievable! Robert - Enterprise looks unbelievable - and the two highest Impact pieces of our work are 1. your work and 2. Sara Christensen work. We can't thank you Enough!! And you mean So much to your church Robert!! you are in my/our heart.

Ken Korver
ERC Pastor & Founder of The Compton Initiative


Angels Landscape, Inc. has proven to be professional, creative and dependable in their field. My lawn stays green year round. People continually ask, "who does your yard? It's always so beautiful," as Angels keeps my landscaping seasonal and up to date. They are also great supporters of our community and  my Foundation. Without hesitation they have supported the Marcedes Lewis Foundation and the youth in our community annually.  They have helped us give our youth positive options in life. From myself, my Foundation, and the youth in our community, I thank Angels Landscape, Inc. for their commitment to our future, our children.

Marcedes Lewis
NFL Football Player - Jacksonville Jaguars


Hi, I'm Tom Stroup and I was a co-host on an NBC show called "School Pride". We traveled the country and helped organize communities to rebuild their broken schools. All of the work and most of the materials were donated by businesses within the community. I met Robert at "Enterprise middle school" in Compton California. His company volunteered to "dress up" the main entrance to the school. I immediately knew that Robert and his employees were doing much more than they originally agreed to do. Robert told me that he wanted to do a job that he would be proud to put his name on. I knew right then and there that this man and his company were more than a landscape company. Angels Landscaping was a company with integrity and pride in their work. The entrance to Enterprise Middle School makes the entire community of Compton proud of their school. I became such good friends with Robert and his family that I have visited him in his home church several times and soon discovered that he was not only a man of integrity, but a good father, husband and a great vocalist.


Tom Stroup
NBC's SCHOOL PRIDE Host & Team Leader