A white picket fence is the ultimate iconic symbol of the “American Dream”. It represents safety, privacy and an area where families can gather while kids and pets play.

Many homeowners are now opting for increased security and safety with more durable fencing and gating. Angels Landscape, Inc. recommends and builds the following styles of fencing:


Bold, exquisite and timeless. Wrought iron boasts strength and is corrosion resistant. One of our favorites, a sectional fence or door gate is the perfect appendage to any home.

Block Walls

Block walls provide excellent privacy and a FIRM design appeal for side and backyards. You can select color, texture and height to perfectly match your landscaping design. Block walls provide you with privacy, security and charm.


It looks like wood, but it’s actually grass! Bamboo is truly a specialty fencing and design item that can be used for fashion themes, similar to a Japanese or Polynesian paradise. Bamboo can be customized to add height to your existing block wall or to dress an existing structure.


The green choice! A combination of recycled wood and plastic is patented to create a no-splinter or rotting fencing that really will endure a lifetime of use. We recommend Trex for patio decks and railings too!


An old favorite and first true alternative to wood, vinyl fencing provides you with a sturdy and weather resistant option in fencing. Durable materials for minimal discoloration and easy maintenance make this a popular choice.


Back to where old Americana houses remain alive and well. There is no substitute for the nostalgia or ambiance of wood fencing for the home or garden.